Enable Template Path Hints in Magento

In magento, the html on any page comes from many different phtml files. So if you want to make a change in any page, you need to first know from where that html code is generated. To know this, you need to enable template path hints from magento.
To do this go to System -> Configuration
In the top left there is a box named “Current Configuration Scope: “ which has a drop down.
From that drop down, choose your store view name. By default it is last option in the drop down i.e Default Store View option. After this go to Advanced -> Developer->Debug
And here make Template Path Hints = Yes

System Configuration Developer Tab

System Configuration Developer Tab

After this save the configuration.
Then when you open frontend, you will see which should all the pthml file used.

Template Path Hints

Template Path Hints

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  • In case if you want template path hints easily turned on/off easily via query strings in url for both frontend and backend, then you can use the free ‘Easy Template Path Hints’ extension:


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    How do I access Template Path Hints in Magento 1.7? The option isn’t there.

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  • There are important article on template but i want to know how i apply the temple and how i access it. I hope i find a good solution here. ..