Magento Transactional Emails

In this blog we will see how magento manages email, how can we edit emails content and set email’s from and to parameters.

This is a basic tutorial for managing emails from magento admin.
To understand email, let start with an example. Support we need to edit the Customer Registration Email, let see step by step the process to follow.

  • First go the System -> Transactional Emails in admin menu. You will see a screen like this
    Magento Admin Transactional Emails

    Magento Admin Transactional Emails

    Click on the Add New Template button, which will show a form. In the Load Default Template drop down, first select the existing template name which you want to edit, in our case it is “New account” template. Then click on the “Load Template” button. You will the existing content of the template show up in the text area below. You can edit the content/css of the email here and email subject as well. Put in a template name as per your convenience and then save the form Magento Admin Edit Email Template

  • Now we have created out email template, we need to tell magento to use own email template. For this we need to go to System->Configuration->Customer Configuration -> Create New Account Options and in the Default Welcome Email drop down, we need to select the email template we have chosen.
    Magento Admin System Configuration Customer Account

    Magento Admin System Configuration Customer Account

These two steps are required to edit existing email templates in magento. So just to summarize, first we need to load the existing email template from Admin -> System -> Transactional Email and put our content. Next go to System -> Configuration, and go the section relevant to the email. If email type is Sales then go to Sales Email, if email type Customer to Customer Configuration, if email type is Contact Us then go to Contact Us section. In the sections, you need to set the email template created by you in the drop down, so magento knows which email template to set.

The other configuration required are changing the From Name and Address of emails. This is also managed from admin. To set these first open Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Store Email Address. There you need to set up various email address like General Contact, Sales Representative , Custom Support, etc Magento Admin Store Email Address
Now once these are setup, go the Configuration section who’s emails you want to change, for example if you want to change the Order Emails go to, Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Sales Email -> Order. There from the New Order Confirmation Email Sender drop down, select the Contact Type you want. So similarly, for other section you need select the contact type, and set the From Name and Address.
If you see how to create your own email in magento, like if you have your own module in magento and want to create a new type of email read this blog