Coming Soon …. Magento 2

After success of Magento 1.x, Magento Team in a process of developing Magento 2.

Magento 2 is an open source eCommerce R&D project facilitating the improvement of Magento Core products.
With the new and improved features in Magento 2, developers will be able to offer more functionality to merchants and continue to grow with the platform.
Magento 2 is a prospective future version of the Magento e-commerce software, currently still in the development stage.
This is the first of many posts in the next few months that will provide further insight and updates about the progress, process, technical architecture
and strategy as well as many other facets that involve this important project and milestone for the Magento community.

Some of Features That Magento 2 Offers

• Magento 2.0 will run on PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework as 1.0. And it will support MSSQL, Oracle and some other database as well. This is a good news for Windows Platform Server. We can see that Magento keep growing and seek to support more and more popular platform soon.
• Performance is always an issue for Magento so it is recognized as resource hungry and not efficient. The team of Magento keep improving the performance of Magento version by version. With the 2.0, the performance of Magento will be at least 20% more faster than the latest Magento 1.x versions.
• Magento 2.0 uses jQuery library as its default JavaScript library. It’s a big plus for those who want to get rid of prototype and jquery conflict.
• The modules like catalog, customer, checkout, CMS, sales, etc will be components with high code coupling between each other. Now if you don’t want to use a certain module, you can simply disable it and write your own one.

• Magento uses Zend Framework but you can’t get this information easily as the directories structure of Magento 1.x series are quite different from the Zend Framework. For Magento 2.0, the directories structures will be quite similar to the Zend Framework. This is very Exciting for theme development as things like Layout Templates, CSS, Images, JavaScript become more modular. You can manage all of them within a module folder.
Here is screenshot for Directory structure and Module Structure of Magento 2 jQuery Folder Structure and jQuery Folder Structure

• Previously Magento 1.x using module.xml file @ app/etc/modules/ to activate our module but in Magento2 it has been changed. Now we will use config.xml file to activate our module means adding active and codePool tags into your config.xml. Like:


In Magento2 , factory method has been removed .The way you call models, helpers, blocks is fully different in Magento2 .Instead of factory names you need to use the full class name now as :

=> Mage::getSingleton(‘Mage_Catalog_Model_Session’)

And Change in layout xml is introduced in Magento 2. Each module has it’s own layout.xml in module view folder. And Block type uses Class name of block instead of class alias as :

<block type="Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_Compare_Sidebar" before="cart_sidebar" name="" template="product/compare/sidebar.phtml"/>
            <block type="Mage_Core_Block_Template" name="right.permanent.callout" template="Mage_Page::callouts/right_col.phtml">
                <action method="setImgSrc"><src>Mage_Catalog::images/media/col_right_callout.jpg</src></action>
                <action method="setImgAlt" translate="alt" module="Mage_Catalog"><alt>Keep your eyes open for our special Back to School items and save A LOT!</alt></action>

In Admin Magento 2 have some major changes:

• Introduction of Visual design editor. jQuery Folder Structure.
The Visual Design Editor is an easy to use, “drag and drop” interface for editing Magento Page Layout. Implementation of the Visual Design Editor means that modifying the arrangement/configuration of Containers and Blocks no longer requires specialized technical knowledge; many of these changes can be made easily in the Admin Panel by any site administrator.
The Visual Design Editor represents website pages and page types as collections of block elements: Blocks and Containers.
• All-new look & feel of backend UI — “Magento 2 backend” theme.


A block is a block-level HTML element on a page, which can be manipulated by the visual design editor. Regardless of whether the element has content or not, the design editor visually distinguishes it from other elements and provides necessary controls for manipulating it. In future: A block cannot contain other blocks.


A container, like a block, is a block-level HTML element which is visually distinguished and can be manipulated by the design editor. Containers don’t have own content, but consist of other blocks or containers. Containers represent area for “dropping”. Container stores information about sort order for elements within.

• Removal of Category Tree from Create Product Page in Admin, Addition of Drag – n – Drop Product image feature , Change Attribute set while creating and editing of Product. jQuery Folder Structure.

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  • waiting for magento-2, and i think it is folder structure.

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    No, that means Currently overriding uses file path instead we can use class Name ‘Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_Compare_Sidebar’ to override in Magento2

  • That is great news to every Magento developers & users. It will increases the efficiency of eCommerce store as well as make it more user-friendly.

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    Actually Magento 2 will work with php 5.4 as a minimum version and also support php 5.5.

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      The flow of magento 2. I think it totally differs from current flow. .


    there is no use of code-pools in magento2. Code pools are removed completely….

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    Magento 2 has implemented DI pattern and so to use factory method is

  • Magento 2.0 should be more fluid and faster atleast 60% faster than 1.x
    Spreecommerce on ROR is 150% faster than Magento 1.x
    wouldnt it be better to have frontend and admin as 2 separate application???[considering a cloud scenario]

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