Magento 2 Responsive Banner Slider

Banner Slider is a powerful marketing tool for the eCommerce Store and allowed promoting your latest products or offers amazing slider effects and grab your customer’s attention. The Banner Slider enhances visual effects and User Experience helps of visitors’ then increases CTR for your product promotional campaigns.

This fully responsive banner slider Magento 2 extension will allow you to create stunning banner sliders to showcase your products, brands, promotional offers on the homepage or any CMS pages.
This Magento 2 extension provides a better configuration option from the admin side. Admin can display this slider on any CMS pages easily.
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How It Works :
Banner Slider for Magento 2 has always been the most favorite extension for Banner Slider in the eCommerce Website. Banner Slider is so adored as you can use it easily.
As long as you can install Banner Slider into your Magento 2 website, choosing a good position for your banner can be done after two steps:
Step 1: Configure sliders and banners in the backend
Step 2: Review showcase of banners in frontend

For Proceeding further, We have to create a fresh module to lean a Magento 2 whenever We cover back-end and front-end development, as well as administration guides to help you get up and running with Magento 2.
here is the link.

Now as we have Done With the basic knowledge of module structure.
Let’s get started with the slider part.

Here we will Discuss 4 sliders which we found to be widely used these days by implementing Using coding technique.

BxSlider, FlexSlider, Owl Carousel, and UnSlider.

Let Get Dig a bit more into all these Sliders on by one.


BxSlider is one of the most relevant and broadly used jQuery content slider. The setup/markup is basic and has widely used options to give full control to its client. For more information, follow this link


Owl slider is a simple and frequently used slider that comes with touch enable functionality and has a lot more free functionality like speed control, hover effect and many more. Due to this it also is known as a simplified feature-rich slider too. For more information, follow this link


Flex Slider is basically a fully responsive slider that comes with different adaptive functionalities which include custom-navigation, Fade Animation and last but not the least Horizontal/vertical slide. Also, its been supported by all types of Browsers and also compatible with recent Jquery Version too.
For more information, follow this link


UnSlider is known by its characteristics of Fluid, Flexible and minimalistic approach. It basically makes use of Html and CSS, due to which it’s more lightweight( near about 3kb) and has more ranges of custom options in the slider. For more information, follow this link

Now as We have a basic understanding of Slider.

Let Proceed Further with its implementation in Magento 2

Now, implement Slider JS file through require-config.js

Let’s see how BXSLIDER can be implemented here:

First, add the dependency of BXSLIDER into require-config.js, if you don’t know about require-config.js you can check this Link

var config = {
        '*' : {
            "bxslider" : "Vendor_Module/js/bxslider/jquery.bxslider",
    shim : {
        "bxslider" : {
            deps: ['jquery'],
            export : 'bxslider'

In above snippet map is used to swap out module definitions via configuration and here we are swapping BX slider jquery file.
And as for shim is used to build 3-rd party dependency like below and for more information follow this link

var config = {
     "shim": {
        "3-rd-party-plugin": ["jquery"]

After adding dependence we will add the image into the slider inside HTML file and to customize we can use different properties that BX slider provide us, to check these properties follow this Link

like this, we can implement other sliders too.

Here we are: For Owl carousel

In require-config.js File.

var config = {paths: { 'owlcarousel': "Vendor_Module/js/owlcarousel"},shim: {'owlcarousel': {deps: ['jquery']}}};

Now create a div structure for a slider
call Slider Css File In Phtml or in XML

To call your Slider on the catalog page, Simply just add your slider phtml in catalog_category_view.xml.

After the above part has done run following cmd to see changes

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

php bin/magento cache:clean