Redirecting Custom URL to Home in Magento using URL Rewrites

Sometimes, you might need to redirect some custom URLs to home page of your Magento store. Let’s say, you used to own a website where there were a number of URLs (products, categories or static pages) and you have recently migrated to Magento, but you don’t have same pages or URLs anymore but you don’t want the users to land on a 404 page when they open a link that you previously shared on social media, etc. Instead, you can make them land on the home page of your store.

Magento has in-built feature of redirecting and rewriting URLs which I guess you are already familiar with. If not, you may refer to this Magento Documentation.

If you need to redirect an URL to home, you just need to set Target Path to ../ and set Redirect Type to Permanent (301). Refer the image below: