Add ColorPicker In System Config Magento2

As a Developer, we all know we can edit color and code by just simply editing a file, but to increase the efficiency of our work and make things easier for admin, we can give a basic control to admin to change the color or front-end UI as per their need.

Example: if admin wants to change the color of any Background element on certain pages, so to select and apply the color we will give them a choice of his/her selection field to add update the color of the store, text, element, etc.

So, here we will discuss this Part Today that how we can add a color selection field in the Store configuration area.

Let’s start with the Basic Module Structure First.
Here I assume one should already Have Basic knowledge about Module and its structure, if not please refer to this link first.

Now, as we are now familiar with the Basic module structure Lets proceed Further.
Here I Have Taken Vendor Module as Excellence_ColorPicker.

We will provide the access or configuration in Store configuration, Section Which is at Stores -> Configuration (under settings).

For this, we need to create the instruction for configuring. So, we will create a system.xml file in our module first.


Now, after this we need to provide a color variation to the fields in the above system.xml configurations.

We need to create a Block file Color.php through which we will be using jquery color picker. In the code, you can see <frontend _model> it is required to add color picker in the field.


After That Just Run These Commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
php bin/magento cache:clean
php bin/magento cache:f

Finally, we get this on admin End:


Well, All Done For This Here.
One can use this feature according to their need, fetch this color value, and use it as per their need.