Magento Module Development Series – Part1- Design & Template

In this blog, I will go through a basic introduction of magento template system. What are the various files used and their locations? This blog is intended for magento beginners, so that you can start doing very basic magento theme changes.

The first step in any magento customization is design changes (both CSS and HTML Changes). Magento comes with a default theme, but usually people require some changes in their theme depending on their websites. Minor text add/edits, layout changes and other changes are usually required. Continue reading

Magento Module Development Series – Part2 – Layouts

In this blog, we will learn the basic of magento layout xml files.

Magento layouts are very important for theme development. Layout are xml files located in your theme/layout folder. Layout are very power magento tools, initially tricky to understand but once you get familiar, it becomes very powerful tool. As the name suggests, layout files are responsible for setting positions of various elements on the page and determining which phtml is loaded on which page and placed where. Continue reading